Marquee matting trade, we also stock bell tent, Yurt and Tipi half moon mats for campsites & boutique camping businesses.

We only supply the finest coir products that we personally source from Kerala in India.

Our products are manufactured from superior yarns, and manually woven in beautiful Herringbone or Panama weaves.

Each end is hemmed with cotton webbing, which is machine stitched for strength and durability.

We have in stock a large number of rolls of marquee coir matting in 3 different lengths.

So are sure to have what you require in stock for the summer season.

Don’t delay, order today your 100% natural coconut matting if you run a marquee hire company in the UK.

Semi-circle half moon coir bell tent mats, Tipi, Geo Dome and Yurt mats in six different sizes and two different weave patterns.

Panama weave
Panama weave
herringbone weave
Herringbone weave

Trade Order Details

  • We offer Free Shipping on all UK orders with no minimum order requirements to the UK Mainland.
  • If you are outside the Mainland please contact-us for a delivery quote.
  • We accept BACS and card payments.
  • Bulk wholesale trade prices upon request

We only stock the finest natural coir products from Kerala, hand-loomed and bound with natural cotton webbing.

If you would like to know specific details about our marquee matting please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our support is based in England and we are happy to provide you with any other information you may wish for prior to your purchase.


Below is a table outlining the dimensions of matting we supply.

The coir matting roll measurements are by the metre, they come in different lengths and width size.

All matting's depth is 0.8cm (8mm) thickness.

Coir Matting Roll3m3m16 Kg3-3-P-PTPanamaVycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll3m3m16 Kg3-3-H-PTHerringboneAnjengo/VycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll6m3m33 Kg6-3-P-PTPanamaVycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll6m3m33 Kg6-3-H-PTHerringboneAnjengo/VycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll9m2m34 Kg9m-MMPanamaVycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll10m2m38 Kg10m-MMPanamaVycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll10m1m20 Kg10m-1P-MMPanamaVycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll10m1m20 Kg10m-1HB-MMHerringboneAnjengo/VycomeNatural
Coir Matting Roll12m1.8m40 Kg12m-MMHerringboneAnjengo/VycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat3.7m1.85m10 Kg3-7m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat3.9m1.95m12 Kg3-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat4.3m2.15m13 Kg4-3m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat4.9m2.45m18 Kg4-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat5.5m2.75m22 Kg5-5m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat5.9m2.95m26 Kg5-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat6.1m3.05m26 Kg6-1m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Single Half Moon Coir Mat6.9m3.45m32 Kg6-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats3.7m3.7m20 Kg3-7m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats3.9m3.9m24 Kg3-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats4.3m4.3m26 Kg4-3m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats4.9m4.9m36 Kg4-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats5.5m5.5m44 Kg5-5m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats5.9m5.9m52 Kg5-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats6.1m6.1m52 Kg6-1m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats6.9m6.9m64 Kg6-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
Pair Half Moon Coir Mats7m7m70 Kg7m-P-HM-2PanamaVycomeNatural
10m Diameter 5 mat set10m10m142 Kg10-TP-FSPanamaVycomeNatural
Natural Jute Rug120cm60cm2.8 Kg120-60-BJRBoucléJuteNatural
Natural Jute Rug180cm75cm5.5 Kg180-75-BJRBoucléJuteNatural