marquee matting

We offer for sale three coir marquee matting and flooring options in a choice of sizes.

12 x 1.8 meters coir matting by the roll  and a shorter version at 9 and 10 meters by 2 meters wide, both are the same depth of 0.8cm.

We can accommodate your needs whatever event you are having, or area you need to cover, be it :-

  • A small bespoke outside garden party at home.
  • A large contemporary wedding marquee floor.
  • External walkways or outdoor aisles.

The fabric and thickness of the material resists wear and fatigue even after heavy usage.

When you walk on the mats it offers a soft bristle underfoot.

A green eco alternative exterior decorative matting without backing, that is washable and reversible.

Making an ideal alternative flooring choice to industrial grey commercial modern carpets for marquees.

Our smallest mats are a suitable fit for a tent for your family members or we can take care of flooring for entire marquees with ease.

A matting company that you can rely on to assist you and take care of your needs.

We will be very pleased to help, whatever the size of your order big or small.

The marquee matting we supply consists of the finest golden brown premium quality natural coir, made in and sourced from Kerala, India.

The quality M4A4 and M2BV3 premium specification mats do not have latex backing, and are hemmed with a double machine stitched natural cotton.

Without eyelets, easy to lay and secure with steel pins.

If you are in the marquee hire business then why not get in touch about volume bulk deals on supplies for marquees.

Learn about the commercial businesses services we can provide exclusively for our trade customers, all enquiries welcome.

The variety of marquee matting we offer is produced from superior grade coconut fibres.

Consumers can rest assured that you will probably not find a supplier in the United Kingdom who stocks a better product than we do.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about the specifications and grade of the marquee matting we sell.

Coir matting length by the roll
Coir Matting Roll / Mat 12m Length

Woven Coir 12m x 1.8m Roll. Four Treadle Herringbone Weave M4A4 Anjengo / Vycome Yarns, Marquee Matting

Price £270.00 exc VAT Add to basket
Panama weave coir matting
Coir Matting / Mat 10m Length Roll

Woven Coir 10m x 2m Roll. Two Treadle Panama Weave M2BV3 Vycome / Vycome Yarns, Marquee Matting

Price £250.00 exc VAT Add to basket
2m Wide Marquee mats
Coir Matting / Mat 9m Length Roll

Woven Coir 9m x 2m Roll. Two Treadle Panama Weave M2BV3 Vycome / Vycome Yarns, Marquee Matting

Price £225.00 exc VAT Add to basket
3m x 3m Panama weave
Gazebo Party Tents & Trade Stand Matting

Woven Coir 3m x 3m 6m x 3m Rolls. Panama Weave M2BV3 Vycome Yarns or Herringbone M4A4 Anjengo / Vycome Yarns, Marquee Matting

Please select the size and weave you wish to purchase.

NB: P = Panama   H = Herringbone Weave

Price £130.00£240.00 exc VAT
10m x 1m Runner
Coir Runner 10m x 1m

Woven Coir 10m x 1m Runner. Herringbone or Panama Weave Walkway Matting

Price £120.00 exc VAT