bell tent mats

Half moon coir mats to compliment the interior of any bell tent. Manually woven with high quality yarns and hemmed in natural cotton.

Natural, beautiful and durable these mats are available in a range of diameters to suit various sizes of tents.

Our 4.9m Panama weave half moons are very popular and perfect as a 5m Bell tent coir matting solution.

Whether you have your own tent or involved in the Glamping sector offering bell tent boutique camping we are confident that whatever your needs, we can provide a cost efficient flooring solution for individuals or trade customers alike.

If you require further information and specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With a fast delivery service second to none and all prices including free delivery to the UK mainland, placing your order is a breeze.

With the advent of Glamping at Glastonbury and other major UK festivals, festivalgoers are rediscovering the pleasures of the outdoor life.

Half moon mats are the perfect shape and design to fit inside your bell tent, yurt or tipi.

An environmentally friendly product made from 100% renewable & sustainable resources.

Completely biodegradable, long lasting and although it looks rough, the fibres are pleasant to the touch.

The benefits of coir are largely due to its strong fibres, making it resistant to wear and tear.

These qualities lend themselves to bell tents and outdoor camping “glamping”.

Not only do they look good and offer a highly textured surface, they are warm and comfy to lay on.

Providing a fantastic insulating layer between you and the ground, forming a natural barrier against the elements.

No central cutout for pole, no latex backing and reversible. An excellent product to finish off your tent perfectly.

We are one of the main British importers; our selection of mats conform to the highest specifications in accordance with the India coir boards exacting standards.

Semi-circular in design, made to premium specification using Vycome yarns.

All mats are hemmed with natural colour cotton and double machine stitched for durability.

View the table below to see the mat prices, based on size & weave, a pair will completely carpet your tent.

Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat3.6m1.8m10 Kg3-6m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£70.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat3.9m1.95m12 Kg3-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£72.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat4.3m2.15m13 Kg4-3m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£75.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat4.9m2.45m18 Kg4-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£105.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat5.5m2.75m22 Kg5-5m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£125.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat5.9m2.95m26 Kg5-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£142.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat6.1m3.05m26 Kg6-1m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£152.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat6.9m3.45m32 Kg6-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£197.50
Pair of Half Moons3.6m3.6m20 Kg3-6m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£140.00
Pair of Half Moons3.9m3.9m24 Kg3-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£145.00
Pair of Half Moons4.3m4.3m26 Kg4-3m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£150.00
Pair of Half Moons4.9m4.9m36 Kg4-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£210.00
Pair of Half Moons5.5m5.5m44 Kg5-5m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£250.00
Pair of Half Moons5.9m5.9m52 Kg5-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£285.00
Pair of Half Moons6.1m6.1mm52 Kg6-1m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£305.00
Pair of Half Moons6.9m6.9m64 Kg6-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£395.00
Pair of Half Moons7m7m70 Kg7m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£420.00
Large Tipi/Yurt Mat (5x Mat Set)10m10m160 Kg10-TP-FSPanamaVycome£800.00

Principal Properties

  • 100% natural
  • Easily washed
  • Tough
  • Heat insulation qualities
  • Sound insulation qualities
  • Fire retardant (Certified)
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Moth resistant
  • Static free
  • Mould and fungi proof

It is entirely up to you if you place the mats on the grass, or you can choose to protect them further from damp with a ground sheet.

Bell Tent matting
Half moon shaped Coir Mat(s)

Please select your size and if you wish to purchase a pair or single mat.

Price £70.00£800.00 exc VAT