Half moon shaped Coir Mat(s)

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NB: P = Panama   H = Herringbone Weave

Half Moon Mats

Large half moon shaped door mats outdoor, indoor semi circle mat made from coir in a range of sizes.

Our customers purchase these mats for use as deluxe Bell tent floor mats and yurt matting.

There are a variety of other uses including.

  • As eco yoga mats.
  • For bar frontage floor mats.
  • As home outdoor entrance or porch welcome front door matting.
  • For the summer if you are having a garden party.
  • As Tipi mats

Vycome yarns are natural fibres that produce tough, hard wearing threads that are bright natural golden in colour.

Available in an attractive Panama weave forming a 2×2 cross thread. A range of sizes to perfectly fit your Yurt or Bell tent and complement the rustic ambience.

For extra choice, some diameter sizes are also available in Herringbone weave.

Durable hem made with cotton webbing and machine stitched for strength.

Produced in Kerala, India, matting made from the fibres of Coconut husks.

Purchasing a mat and place it near the back door is a great idea.

Order matting from us can help you to lower your costs.

Cheaper, but high quality large half-moon mats at bargain prices.

Get supplies from us and the benefits become clear when you compare the materials used.

A leading supplier on the web in the United Kingdom for large outdoor semicircle half-moon mats.


Product details, specifications and pricing.

Single Full Moon Coir Mat3m3m14 Kg3m-Single-PPanamaVycome£100.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat3.7m1.85m8.5 Kg3-7m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£60.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat3.9m1.95m9 Kg3-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£62.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat4.3m2.15m12 Kg4-3m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£75.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat4.9m2.45m14.5 Kg4-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£97.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat4.9m2.45m16 Kg4-9m-H-HM-1HerringboneVycome£107.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat5.5m2.75m19 Kg5-5m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£115.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat5.9m2.95m21 Kg5-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£132.50
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat6.1m3.05m22 Kg6-1m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£140.00
Single Semi-circle Half Moon Coir Mat6.9m3.45m32 Kg6-9m-P-HM-1PanamaVycome£197.50
Pair of Half Moons3.7m1.85m17 Kg3-7m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£120.00
Pair of Half Moons3.9m1.95m18 Kg3-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£125.00
Pair of Half Moons4.3m2.15m23 Kg4-3m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£150.00
Pair of Half Moons4.9m2.45m29 Kg4-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£195.00
Pair of Half Moons4.9m2.45m32 Kg4-9m-H-HM-2HerringboneVycome£215.00
Pair of Half Moons5.5m2.75m38 Kg5-5m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£230.00
Pair of Half Moons5.9m2.95m42 Kg5-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£265.00
Pair of Half Moons6.1m3.05m44 Kg6-1m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£280.00
Pair of Half Moons6.9m3.45m74 Kg6-9m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£395.00
Pair of Half Moons7m3.5m75 Kg7m-P-HM-2PanamaVycome£420.00
Large Tipi/Yurt Mat (5x Mat Set)10m5m160 Kg10-TP-FSPanamaVycome£800.00

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3m x 3m Single – P, 3.7m x 1.85m – P, 3.9m x 1.95m – P, 4.3m x 2.15m – P, 4.9m x 2.45m – P, 4.9m x 2.45m – H, 5.5m x 2.75m – P, 5.9m x 2.95m – P, 6.1m x 3.05m – P, 6.9m x 3.45m – P, 7m x 3.5m – P, 10m Set (Select as Single)

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1 review for Half moon shaped Coir Mat(s)

  1. Huck Middeke

    I finally got to set up my yurt and rolled out the two half moons.
    The whole atmosphere changed immediately and it’s now really cozy.
    It might sound strange but as a barefoot walker I really like the slightly coarse touch of the coir matting.
    The overall quality of the mat is excellent.
    Thank you Andy for the first class service and your assistance and advice towards a modification I intend to to on my matting.
    Also delivery from the UK to Finland was really swift and hassle free.
    Five stars from me for this product and service without hesitation.

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